Project Team

Great cities are made of great buildings and Ubertas believe great buildings are made of great spaces. Buildings which display an elegant balance of community ambience and private living. Innovative solutions to the challenges of contemporary life, spaces and environments that delight and uplift and commit to a recognisable style. All are eagerly embraced by Ubertas Properties.

505 St Kilda Road by Ubertas sets the benchmark for Melbourne apartment living and is a testament to a new level of luxury specification. 505 was completed in December 2009.

Rhapsody on St Kilda Road displays an elegant balance of community ambience and private living. The eyecatching design is achieved in an environment that delights and commits to a recognisable style. Rhapsody will be completed in mid 2011.

Renowned worldwide for creating expressive, sculptural buildings designed to enrich the urban cityscape with artistic energy and emotional appeal. Sound functional planning is guided by the dual principles of visual interest and a sense of identity for occupants. FKA’s award winning portfolio, epitomized by the highly acclaimed Eureka Tower, is emblematic of the currency of today, where exploration of form demands less constraint and greater creative ingenuity.

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